Politics of Images

Politics of Images

Politics of Images is an interdisciplinary research group analyzing and interpreting the world of images in politics.

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Narratives of Compassion

On the complexity of Images and Statements. Image and Text were and still mostly are seen as two different factors in communication research. In my essay “Why Images Matter” I’ve already introduced Mitchell’s understanding of images. For him images appear in a multitude of forms: In the graphic, the optical, the perceptual, the mental and […]

Die Politik der Ästhetik

Über die Trennung von Politik und Ästhetik Im letzten Sommer zeigte sich ein spannender Moment im Sommerinterview der ARD. Robert Habeck wurde dort zugespitzt gefragt, ob er lieber mit Pferden posiere, als den politischen Diskurs zu suchen. Die Bilder wurden hier gegen die politischen Inhalte gesetzt: das eine oder das andere. Beides geht scheinbar in […]

January 2021: A Commented Excerpt of Happenings

The following selection of pictures has been curated by the foreign correspondence. It is not to suggest a hierarchy or impose special importance on specific topics, individuals or geographical regions. Rather, the selection documents and reflects internal conversations about image making and the ability of images to create certain narratives we have led in this […]