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Narratives of Compassion

On the complexity of Images and Statements. Image and Text were and still mostly are seen as two different factors in communication research. In my essay “Why Images Matter” I’ve already introduced Mitchell’s understanding of images. For him images appear in a multitude of forms: In the graphic, the optical, the perceptual, the mental and […]

Die Politik der Ästhetik

Über die Trennung von Politik und Ästhetik Im letzten Sommer zeigte sich ein spannender Moment im Sommerinterview der ARD. Robert Habeck wurde dort zugespitzt gefragt, ob er lieber mit Pferden posiere, als den politischen Diskurs zu suchen. Die Bilder wurden hier gegen die politischen Inhalte gesetzt: das eine oder das andere. Beides geht scheinbar in […]

January 2021: A Commented Excerpt of Happenings

The following selection of pictures has been curated by the foreign correspondence. It is not to suggest a hierarchy or impose special importance on specific topics, individuals or geographical regions. Rather, the selection documents and reflects internal conversations about image making and the ability of images to create certain narratives we have led in this […]

Markus Söder - Angela Merkel - Herrenchiemsee Bavarian Cabinet Meeting 2020 - Politics of Images - Blog for Visuals in Politics - Student Project Humboldt University Berlin
@Markus_Soeder, 14. Juli 2020 via

What Does a Crown Prince Look Like?

A Summer Day in the Monarchical Democracy Bavaria 2020 A “monarchical democracy”1 welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel last summer. What looks like the reception of one head of state by another is actually Angela Merkel’s visit to the Bavarian Cabinet and its Minister President Markus Söder. Why would a domestic political meeting be staged like […]

Gerard Butler - girl - Liberia - White Saviorism - Politics of Images Blog - Student Project Humboldt University Berlin
@Gerard Butler, September 5, 2020/ via Instagram,

Through the White Savior’s Eyes

Why Aid Agencies Should Change the Perspective of Storytelling to Avoid White Saviorism “Join me in finding a way to give back, whether it’s with your time, your words or a small donation. I think it will bring you some peace”. This is part of the description of three images Hollywood actor Gerard Butler published […]

INDEX, Abu Dhabi, Lumix festival für jungen Bildjournalismus, Nikita Teryoshin
@IDEX Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2019 via 7. Lumix Festival für jungen Bildjournalimus Hannover, 19.–28.06.2020, accessed February 02, 2021,

Sinister Insights

Photojournalistic series “Nothing Personal – the back office of war” by Nikita Teryoshin This article is not just about one photo, but about an explosive photojournalistic series by Nikita Teryoshin, created since 2016: “Nothing Personal – the back office of war” was recently awarded with the 1st prize of World Press Photo 2020 in Contemporary […]

Corona Virus mutations and their scientific visualisation: The Interplay of Science and Image - Covid-19 - The Interplay of Science and Images - Politics of Images Blog - Student Project Humboldt University Berlin
@Tagesschau, January 06, 2021 via; dpa

Image(rie)s of Science

The Interplay of Science and Images It is hard to imagine media reporting without science images – and not just since the coronavirus pandemic. We encounter them in a wide variety of contexts and functions, ideally attracting attention and support understanding of scientific topics. At the same time, the popularisation of science images shapes the […]

Meme mit Andreas Scheuer: Wenn du hörst, dass jemand wegen Candy Crush zurücktreten soll
@Fabian Köster, 26. Januar 2020 via

Was in Clubhouse passiert, bleibt nicht in Clubhouse

Über journalistische Verantwortung – ein Zwischenruf Wenn spontan Spitzenpolitiker wie Bodo Ramelow und Philipp Amthor, stellvertretender BILD-Chefredakteur Paul Ronzheimer, Heute-Show Star Fabian Köster und Journalist Kai Diekmann in einer pandemischen Samstagnacht um halb eins an einer virtuellen Bar diskutieren, befindet man sich auf der App Clubhouse.  Die neue Hype-App Clubhouse ist das digitale Pendant zu […]

In this picture, there are two Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, read as women. One is injecting the vaccine, while the other is receiving the vacine. Health and safety measures are being respected, such as wearing medical gloves. Also, this picture clearly reminds us, that we are still in a worldwide pandemic, since both people are wearing a mask. The person receiving the vaccine has one hand in the other, while the other person is cautiously injecting the vaccine.
@The New Yorker, Cobb Jelani, African-American Resistance to the Covid-10 Reflects A Broader Problem, December 19, 2020,, accessed on January 20, 2021.

Aspects of the COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Can Be Explained With Foucault

How Does Racism in the Medical System Affect Attitudes towards Vaccinations? The newly elected president Joseph R. Biden Junior has called for an expansion in vaccinations against COVID-19 detailing his efforts to vaccinate 100 million US-Americans in his first 100 days.1 But before Biden was able to start with his ambitious plan, vaccinations were already […]


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